All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Need a vacation? Definitely! All inclusive vacation packages are the way to go!

When you've spent the entire year working, you need a break! Getting away is a good thing. You might even say it's necessary. All work and no play does indeed, make Jack a dull boy. However, like most of us, you may feel that you simply can't afford to take a vacation. Nonetheless, if you don't take a break and get out of the day to day rut, you can suffer from unabated psychological stress. There's always more than one way to skin a cat, and you should consider your travel options with an eye to achieving an affordable, rejuvenating getaway. One smart answer is the all inclusive vacation.

Vacations can be an expensive proposition, unless you're a smart, savvy traveler, who knows how to bend with the times and travel on the cheap. Here are some ways to treat yourself without breaking the budget.

Everyone's feeling the bite of inflation. This includes the individual traveler, airlines, hotels and all tourist related businesses. So while you may think you can't make those dollars stretch far enough to take that vacation, you certainly shouldn't dismiss the idea out of hand. Remember that the travel industry has an incentive to keep people traveling, so hard times are a good time to take advantage of the smart travel business people's all inclusive vacation packages. They're in the same boat as you, and by tightening their collective belts, they hope to inspire travelers to take that well deserved vacation.

With a fairly slim wallet and a little footwork, you can find some fabulous deals in the all inclusive vacation market. The current darlings of the travel agents include tropical island style vacations, from Baja to the Caribbean. You can find packages for $200 per day, which include airfare, hotel, food and transportation. When you consider you'd be hard pressed to find a nice hotel room and parking in a major city at that price, such an all inclusive vacation starts to sound pretty darn good.

There are a few caveats, but so long as you include these as additions in your vacation budget, you won't get overextended. Typically, there are taxes and baggage fees which are not included in the quoted price. Ask your travel agent for the bottom line before you book. As for food, all inclusive vacation prices may leave you on your own for two of three meals and you will probably need to take some extra funds for beverages from the hotel bar. Be precise when you query your agent on specific activities and sightseeing which are included in the package.

With island vacations, check your seasons! Hurricane season is certainly off season travel, so work that factor into your vacation plan. When traveling to other regions, off season rates and an all inclusive vacation package can be a dream vacation come true.

Hey, where's my suitcase? Are you ready?

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