Beach Vacation Rent Ideas

Beach vacation rentals are not the newest thing, but rather a classic for you and your family to make the most of your time together. Nothing feels better than staying together in your beach vacation rentals, just inhaling the salty sea air and making the most of your time spent together. There is just nothing that you will enjoy better, and you can have a beach vacation rental on nearly any island, or peninsula in the world nowadays. Chances are, if there is a beach, there will be beach vacation rentals available.

My favorite beach vacation destination personally, is Maui. There is this lovely, almost palatial house that we rent every year, me and the wife and our two kids, Sandy and Mandy (they're twins.) Our beach vacation rental is located not far from town, if we want to go there for a delicious seafood dinner, and yet it is far enough to let us enjoy the serenity of inhabiting the beach by ourselves. We can go scuba diving, para sailing, or even snorkelling, touring the scenic coral reef just yards beneath the waves. Not many beach vacation rentals get any better than this.

We first heard about beach vacation rentals years ago. We have the fortune of having a good travel agent who knows us and our interests well. We back then used to love to tour the cities of the world during our vacations Paris, London, Madrid we used to see them all, and enjoy all of the popular tourist sites in every single one of them. But when my wife expressed the desire to try something different, that's when our travel agent immediately suggested beach vacation rentals as a possible alternative.

Initially, I will have to admit, I was skeptical. I loved to travel, not just in the sense of going someplace different, but in wandering and exploring while I was there. The cities of the world gave me so much to look at and explore, that I didn't think that the serenity of the beach would make up for this chance to see the sites. In truth, I still miss those days sometimes, but I've got to admit, lying on the beach all day just working on my tan has its perks, and now that we have the kids, beach vacation rentals really do make much more sense than travelling to far away cities all over the world.

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