Beach Front Rentals

A few years ago in August, I had two whole weeks of vacation. I quickly decided that nothing was better than a week or two at the beach, and so obtained a beach house for the duration of my trip. I've used beach front rentals to get the most out of my vacations for the last several years, and I can tell you, there is no experience more enjoyable than beach front rentals.

Just imagine being able to fall asleep and awake again to the gentle pulsing of the waves against the shore every morning and every evening for two whole weeks at your beach front rentals. It really is a truly enjoyable experience. Mine was in a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean, one of only a few houses on the whole island. Each year I awaken in whichever of my favorite beach front rentals I've chosen, and look out at the soft dawning light of the sun, shining across the beautiful plummage of the native tropical birds, and stretch my arms with delight. I can go kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, or go to the mainland for a tasty meal out by taking the complimentary motorboat out of the island. I won't say that this beachfront rental is affordable I do make a lot of money, and I like to spend it but there are more affordable ones.

You can get beach front rentals on the California coast for under 1000 dollars a week, which is within the range of many people. I know, because When I was young, I used these rentals every year to find a place to start surfing from, and I can tell you that there are many modest, yet high quality accomodations that were within my range. Although you will need a wetsuit because the water is very cold, if you like surfing, California is a cheaper alternative to Hawaii by far.

Of course, you don't need beach front rentals just to have fun on vacation. For a much more reasonable rate you can rent slightly in land, but still within an easily travelled mile or two from the beach. The view, of course, isn't quite as spectacular, but you'll still get the sea breeze, and the wonderful opportunity to while away your days just sitting on the beech, soaking up the sun. For the traveller on the budget, these can be a wonderful way to get to take advantage of the beauty, charm, and fresh air of the seaside.

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