Beach Vacations

There are so many fun and exciting destinations to go on vacations. For me a great part of going on vacation is planning the trip. I love to plan where we are going, where to stay and what to see once we have arrived. With all the planning and sight seeing I usually return from vacation in need of a rest. I did not realize how relaxing vacation time can be until we started taking beach vacations.

We had been married several years before we considered beach vacations. We had been to the beach during vacation, but this is different. We had also been to Mexico and had stayed on the water front, but we had included deep sea fishing, horse back riding and sight seeing in our trip. One day our nephew called and asked if we would be interested in sharing a rental home on the Outer Banks. The house could accommodate 5 couples. Each couple would have their own bathroom and deck area and the house was located one block off the beach. We thought that this sounded like fun so we agreed to go. When we started our week we realized that this is how beach vacations are suppose to be.

The house was beautiful and the beach was great. At low tide you could walk for miles and miles and pick up shells. My husband rented equipment and learned how to surf fish. This involved throwing out a line and sitting in a chair to see if you caught anything. We bought some groceries so we could cook if we felt like it and there were close restaurants that we could go to if we did not feel like cooking. In the evenings we played cards, walked the beach and sat out on the decks and listened to music. This was the most relaxing week I had ever spent. On our last night I mentioned that this was the first of many beach vacations that we would be taking. One of the other couples mentioned that they used to do all the sight seeing and other activities on their vacations, but they found that they needed to have time when they just sat and rejuvenated also.

Since this time we have taken many beach vacations as well as sightseeing vacations. We found that if we can plan two weeks a year to do something special we are more apt to allow ourselves to relax one of the weeks. I am hoping that as time and money allows we will be able to increase the amount of time that we spend on our beach vacations. I would love to spend a month each year resting and walking on the beach.

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